05.03.15 — CommentaryRebecca Shaw

Breaking the Celluloid Ceiling

06.11.14 — CultureRochelle Siemienowicz

A matter of time: very long films

09.12.13 — CultureDion Kagan

In defence of Adoration

01.10.13 — CultureEloise Ross

Going with the flow: new ways of watching films

13.08.13 — CultureEloise Ross

Slim recognition: on the presence of women in film

09.08.13 — CultureKate Harper

‘Rich Bitch’: Sophia Coppola’s The Bling Ring

11.07.13 — CultureEmily LaidlawJessica Alice

Editors’ picks for July: Before Sunrise and Sunset and Hannibal

28.05.13 — CultureScott Macleod

‘Spring Breakers Forever!’ Film in an era ‘Post-Everything’

20.02.13 — CultureScott Macleod

The rom-com isn’t dead – it’s just a bit unstable

13.02.13 — CultureAnthony Morris

Award season: Oh, the horror

01.11.12 — CultureBrad Nguyen

The Acting Talents of Kristen Stewart

20.09.12 — CultureBrad Nguyen

Thinking objects with Moonrise Kingdom

05.09.12 — CultureJosh Nelson

Reigning men? Masculinity in Magic Mike

03.09.12 — Books & PublishingCaroline Hamilton

Speculative fictions: Edgar Allan Poe and The Raven

26.07.12 — CultureJosh Nelson

Polisse: empathy or exploitation?

14.06.12 — CultureJosh Nelson

Neuralysing history: race, time and fatherhood in Men in Black 3

31.05.12 — CultureKate Harper

Two adults and a movie: admission prices in Australia, France and the US

19.04.12 — CultureKate Harper

Food fantasies: virtuosity and curiosity in film

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