05.11.14 — Books & PublishingKylie Maslen

The Harp in the South and other stories I wasn’t taught at school

09.05.14 — Books & PublishingEmily Laidlaw

May’s KYD First Book Club: Notes on Maxine Beneba Clarke’s Foreign Soil

28.02.14 — NewsEmily Laidlaw

Watch KYD’s DWF book club with Luke Carman

19.11.13 — Books & PublishingS.A. Jones

MUBAs and Shakers: The 2013 Most Underrated Book Award

11.11.13 — Books & PublishingSuzannah Marshall Macbeth

Looking west: an evening with Tim Winton

04.07.13 — Books & PublishingS.A. Jones

The E.P. Thompson of historical fiction: Amanda Curtin’s Elemental

31.10.12 — Books & PublishingCourtney Collins

Novel writing and the melodic blizzard: the influence of music on The Burial

04.09.12 — Books & PublishingAndrew Nette

Pulp fiction: Australia’s other forgotten literary history

24.07.12 — Books & PublishingKill Your Darlings

What does YA mean to you? A discussion about definition

20.06.12 — Books & PublishingMegan Clement

Castaways, convicts and cannibals: Patrick White’s A Fringe of Leaves

07.03.12 — Books & PublishingEmily Bitto

God in the Machine: Peter Carey’s The Chemistry of Tears

07.10.11 — Books & Publishing

Australian stories: ABC TV’s The Slap

12.07.11 — Interviews

Interview with Raphael Brous: I Am Max Lamm

07.07.11 — Books & Publishing

‘I saw a deal of blood’: The Roving Party by Rohan Wilson

16.09.10 — Books & Publishing

Getting beyond ‘damper prose’: S.A. Jones on Australian literature

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