Dream Daddy characters. Image: © GameGrumps

The Culture FilesGaming & TechnologyAlison WhittakerVincent Bonanno

Do Daddies Dream of their Electric Niche?

Percy and Ella Grainger at Pevensey. Image: courtesy Percy Grainger Museum. Library catalogue permalink: https://cat.lib.unimelb.edu.au/record=

The Culture FilesMusicStephanie Eslake

Fifty Shades of Grainger


The Culture FilesArt & DesignSam Twyford-Moore

The People


The Culture FilesFilm & TVLauren Carroll Harris

Killing Ground and the Malevolent Bush


The Culture FilesMusicStephanie Eslake

There’s Always Music in the Air: Twin Peaks and the music of television

Image: Saad Akhtar, Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

The Culture FilesBooks & WritingNathania Gilson

How to Become Everything: Arundhati Roy’s The Ministry of Utmost Happiness

Illustration: Guy Shield

The Culture FilesArt & DesignBonni Rambatan

Shock Resistance: Comics as social change in Indonesia

Image: Richard PJ Lambert, Flickr (CC BY-2.0)

The Culture FilesBooks & WritingAllison Gallagher

No Conclusions: Marginalised journeys in Nevada


The Culture Files — — Cher Tan

Worlds Within Worlds


The Culture Files — — Stephanie Eslake

I Got This: Consumerism and K-Pop

Vincent Van Gogh 
Dutch 1853–1890  
The Sower (Sower with setting sun) 1888 Arles 
oil on canvas 
Image: Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

The Culture Files — — Emma Froggatt

Learning from Autumn: Van Gogh and the Seasons

Kelvin Skewes, Collapsed phosphate cantilevers at dawn. Image: Supplied

The Culture Files — — Sam Twyford-Moore

The Waters

Casting JonBenet. Image: © Netflix

The Culture FilesFilm & TVLauren Carroll Harris

Sojourner Mythologies


The Culture FilesBooks & WritingNathan Smith

The Subtle Resistance of Michiko Kakutani

Image: Joe Lodge, Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

The Culture FilesTheatre & Performing ArtsAlexandra Neill


Tortured Remixes - Hero Image 2

The Culture FilesMusicStephanie Eslake

Pain and Pleasure: Topology’s Tortured Remixes


The Culture Files — — Nick Gadd

Lost and Found

Sophie Koh - Web

The Culture FilesMusicStephanie Eslake

Moving to the Forefront: Sophie Koh’s Book of Songs

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