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Amybeth McNulty in Anne with an E. Image: © Netflix

06.07.17 — Film & TVAlice Robinson

Learning How to Dream: Watching Anne with an E

Finn Jones in Iron Fist. © Marvel/Netflix

27.04.17 — Film & TVElizabeth Flux

Making a Fist of It: Ghost in the Shell, Iron Fist and the whiteness default

The Avengers 4

21.04.17 — Film & TVKieron Byatt

Defective Comics: The paradox of superhero movies


20.04.17 — Film & TVMatilda Dixon-Smith

Through Her Eyes: Broadchurch and depictions of trauma


06.04.17 — Film & TVRebecca Shaw

In Praise of the Working‑Class Sitcom

Jasper Jones. Image: Madman Films

16.03.17 — Books & WritingElizabeth Flux

Jasper Jones and the Art of Adept Adaptation


02.02.17 — Film & TVMatilda Dixon-Smith

Lampooning La La Land: Blurring criticism and opinion in the mainstream


15.12.16 — Film & TVAnnabel Brady-Brown

Portrait of the Artist as a Non-Smoker: Paterson and the New Cool


21.11.16 — Film & TVSian Campbell

‘She Doesn’t Want Her’: On Tallulah, motherhood, and belonging


21.10.16 — Film & TVLauren Carroll Harris

Bearing Witness: Joe Cinque’s Consolation and the absent Garner

stranger things

23.09.16 — Film & TVElla Donald

The Kids Are Not All Right: Stranger Things and the horror of puberty


29.07.16 — Film & TVEloise Ross

Yearning and Restraint: Kelly Reichardt’s Certain Women

Image: EndemolShine Australia/Network Ten

13.07.16 — Film & TVAlexandra Neill

Serving Suggestion:

MasterChef’s narrow view of food culture


12.07.16 — FeminismAlexandra Heller-Nicholas

The First Woman Ghostbuster


28.06.16 — Film & TVJoanna Di Mattia

Small Acts of Resistance: Mustang and the cinematic spaces of the sisterhood


03.06.16 — FeminismRebecca Shaw

Age Gap: Where are the middle-aged women on screens?


24.05.16 — FeminismFury

Love and Anger: How popular culture sells aggression as romance


29.04.16 — Film & TVMatilda Dixon-Smith

Whiplash: Tomorrow When The War Began and the state of Australian teen TV

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