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3889250527_4c866791a1_mWhat if you could masturbate and become smarter at the same time? You can! Sort of! Not really. But you can masturbate.

A bunch of writers talking about how disgustingly awful it is to write.

Someone called Food Babe believes she has uncovered the terrible truth about pizza in the United States: it’s full of MSG. Food Babe says that it will blow your mind. LITERALLY.

If I was to say to you ‘golf fashionista’ you would immediately respond ‘Bill Murray’.

That school that tried to kick out a young girl for dressing like boy is denying that they did that despite there being actual written proof that they did that.

There is a university course that you can actually do that is all about the sociology of Miley Cyrus. Sign me up.

Why do we love dystopian stories so much? It’s high school all over again, apparently.

KYD will be launching something very special at Journal-Palooza in Melbourne next month! Pencil it into your diaries.

Happy Friday x