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Sometimes, politics aside, it is tiring looking at our Prime Minister’s face all the time. You know what’s never tiring to look at? Kittens.

It’s Black History month in the USA. This is a great list of quotes from famous black writers.

blue_flame_kawah_ijen_volcano_03.jpg__1070x0_q85_upscaleThe lava coming out of Indonesia’s Kawah Ijen volcano looks blue, but it’s not blue.

One day we will all eat vegetables grown in space. Maybe.

Ever wondered what went into making the sets on Game of Thrones? Meet the season 4 production designer Deborah Riley.

More information than you’ll ever need to know about how to play Jeopardy (and win).

And because America is not at all a weird place, George Zimmerman is doing celebrity boxing. Yeah, that guy. I don’t even know what to do with this.

If that makes you want to drink, you should watch Hannah Hart from My Drunk Kitchen dispel a bunch of myths about booze.

Happy Friday!