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I don’t know about you, but I get pretty sick of all the flimsy comparisons between Girls and Sex and the City. Finally someone has figured out what HBO’s Girls is really like.

lenadunhampigeonMeanwhile the sartorial kin of the kind-hearted pigeon-woman from Home Alone 2, Lena Dunham, is using her immense Voguey fame to help people sell their furniture. We know she’s in(to) Tiny Furniture, amirite!

These quotes from Winnie the Pooh are so adorable I am going to vomit on everything. In a friendly way.

Jonny Lee Miller versus Benedict Cumberbatch. Procedural versus stylish BBC drama. Character development versus boys’ club sexism. It seems AV Club has declared a winner in the Elementary versus Sherlock battle.

Global warming: actual thing.

Why cosplay from the ground when you can cosplay from a balloon in the sky!

Whilst much of Australia was last week soothing itself in icy blow-up pools, New York has been having a pretty horrendous time with a blizzard.

Do you want to know what was Patti Smith’s favourite song of 2013? Of course you do.

Happy Friday x