Killings brings you our weekly selection of posts that have amused, enlightened and generally distracted us. 

Peppa Pig has been outed as a raging leftist radical lesbian feminist witch. Finally!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is being handsome in the latest edition of Out and wants you to stop objectifying him (sorry!) and no he will not confirm if he is gay.

ninjaturtlesMacaulay Culkin is in a new band called The Pizza Underground which is a lot like The Velvet Underground but with a lot more pizza and Ninja Turtles.

NASA have developed a fancy new humanoid robot called Valkyrie, which is not at all a strange choice of name because it’s not like robots are going to become self-aware and decide which of its human creators live or die.

Firefly is back! As a game! Firefly Online for PC and Mac will be released in our winter of 2014.

In more new year news, Prince is apparently a big fan of Zooey Deschanel’s New Girl and will be appearing on the special Super Bowl episode in February.

Fox News presenter baulks at the idea of a non-white Santa Claus or Jesus because she is a Fox News presenter.

Meanwhile, this article (not written by a Fox News presenter) suggests Santa Claus shouldn’t be depicted as a white man anymore.

HBO is trying to do a Twitter ‘roast’ of Joffrey from Game of Thrones.

It seems that playing the most hated character on television has come at a cost for Jack Gleeson aka the Joffmeister; he’s planning on quitting acting after GoT to do charity work.

What does your favourite kind of cheese say about you? Apparently liking feta means you are an ‘unexpected daredevil’ so I’m doubting the validity of this scientific document.

Happy Friday!