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We have a new Doctor! Let us reminisce with this list of eleven quotes from the first eleven Doctors.

capaldi doctorAccording to Neil Gaiman, before it was offered to Peter Capaldi the role of the twelfth Doctor was offered to a black actor who turned it down.

Breaking Bad’s Walter White is basically Walt Whitman. Meanwhile, look out, singles! Walt Junior is all grown up.

Did Jaymes Diaz ever know the Liberal party’s six point plan to ‘stop the boats’? We’ll never know. He probably won’t, either.

If the rest of the world didn’t think Australia was full of racists before, they certainly do now: Stephanie Banister is ‘Australia’s Sarah Palin’.

Fans confuse Mark Walhberg for Matt Damon, Walhberg plays along.

The chap who wrote The Girl With the Whatever Whatevers is writing sci-fi now, too.

Mmmm, gimme those vintage fonts.

The first lot of results from Vote Compass is in. Surprising no one, Greens voters care about climate change the most and Liberal voters are concerned about the economy. Jaymes Diaz could tell them all about the cost of living.

KYD contributor SA Jones gets all Jane Austen on the trolls [paywalled]. But be careful, you may be a Jane Austen addict.

Here is Lady Gaga doing some sort of performance art called the Abramovic Method, which involves holding a single note for a very long time, having carrot-type things over her eyes, and walking around nude before cuddling up with some crystals.

Finally, Benedict Cumberbatch hates liquids. Look at his face!

Happy Friday!