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generally distracted us.

Peter Jackson, like an idiot, asked Viggo Mortensen to reprise his LOTR character Aragorn in The Hobbit, but Babe-agorn had other, more factually correct, ideasaragorn

Friends don’t let friends misquote Albert Camus on the internet.

Canadian politics is enjoying a season of alleged crack smoking to spice things up.

Four Fox News dudes are DEEPLY concerned over statistics that show women make up 40% of breadwinners in the United States. (This is basically trolling.)

If that crushed your soul a little, this will lift it back up: man who designed the iconic pink garden flamingo has worn matching outfits with his wife for 35 years.

Meanwhile, if Judith Butler’s concept of gender performativity has you perplexed, let this dialogue with cats break it down for you. See also: Foucault explained with hipsters.

Hey, Young Writer, Ernest Hemmingway thinks you should be reading these books.

In TV Land Lena Dunham is not impressed that some porn folks have made a parody of her hit series Girls. There is also a porn parody of Parks and Rec.

These ladies in Iran doing parkour win the internet for today. The rest of us can go home.

The adorable Ron Swanson dancing to Daft Punk agrees.