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generally distracted us.

Oh hi there. Please come in, join us, we’re about to float around the internet for a bit…

First, let’s spend some time with Amy Poehler because she’s awesome and these 30 things confirm that fact.

Speaking of awesome women: ‘Australia’s Most Influential Female Voices’ and Portable list 2012’s most important females.

Some man appreciation: 5 ugly hot dudes who really are hot.

Radio National’s 2012 montage puts everything in perspective.

Musics: Readings give you a tiny list of tunes for summer and The AV Club list the best tunes of 2012.

Can’t get enough of the Ikea monkey? Neither can the internets. So darn stupidandcute.

Stop everything and mark this date in your calendar: on 27th January, the Discovery Channel will be airing the first-ever footage of the giant squid. It’s a giant squid! Giant! Squid! So excited.

Also exciting: Radiolab have been keeping a running list of all the books they mention on their podcast and it’s pretty dreamy.

A Taiwanese hotel has a Batman suite which is everything and now there is nothing else (except maybe this tumblr).

Enjoy your weekend!