Fifty Shades of Grainger

Stephanie Eslake

A new photographic exhibition of renowned Australian composer Percy Grainger highlights the unique bond between his musical and sexual experimentation.

Gaming & Technology

Do Daddies Dream of their Electric Niche?

Alison WhittakerVincent Bonanno

A review-in-conversation of wholesome queer hit videogame Dream Daddy, and the complex masculinities found within


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We Are The Lucky Ones

Rebecca Shaw

On growing up queer in a regional town, and how, despite the hard parts, it can end up a blessing in disguise.


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September Feature: Vince Ruston on the sex industry

Representations of sex work tend to focus on either titillation or exploitation. But for many escorts, inadequate regulation of the industry both reflects and enforces the ongoing stigma they face.

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November 4, 2017


Writing Historical Fiction: A KYD Writers’ Workshop (SA)

Whether you have an idea for a novel based on true events, or you wish to create a work of fiction set in the past, this day-long workshop with Hannah Kent will help you develop a research strategy, and help you consider character, narrative and prose to ensure that the work feels alive and relevant to a modern reader.

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October 21, 2017


Freelancing for Beginners: A KYD Writers’ Workshop (QLD)

Join experienced Brisbane-based freelancer and author Bri Lee as she gives you all the insights on freelancing – ideal for those with some writing experience who want to start freelancing for another revenue stream, or those who’ve hit a bit of a wall and want to know how to get bigger bylines and less stress at tax time.

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  • Critical Attention: Matilda Dixon-Smith

  • KYD Podcast: Reels, Rights & Reviews

  • Critical Attention: MIFF Critics Campus 2017

  • KYD Podcast: Coming of Age

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