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Conversation with Jenny Zhang

Nathania Gilson

The author of Sour Heart on reclaiming language, the power of minor stories and being all your selves


The Travelled

Sam Twyford-Moore

As the roles of photojournalism and travel photography become increasingly blurred, the ethics and colonial overtones of Australian photography are being re-examined.


Women on the Verge

Sonia Nair

As cultural depictions of sexual relationships between young women and older men raise ethical questions about empowerment and exploitation, new texts centring women’s perspectives ask us to radically rethink the way we talk about sexuality and agency.

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December feature: Jean Bachoura on entering syria

With checkpoints, soldiers and refugees trying to escape the war, crossing the border from Lebanon into Syria is difficult enough at the best of times – let alone when your citizenship status is complicated, and you look nothing like your ID.

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